Transcriptions, Workshops and Woodshedding

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Brian Groder and his ensemble associates have extensive experience and teaching credentials (available on request) in creating individual and group workshops. In designing educational outreach programs for all types of schools and organizations, and realizing commissioned compositions (Meet The Composers), all goals are met within an utmost environment of creativity and inspiration.

Here are some examples:

Interesting and artful improvisations are both an art and a craft. Here we explore and rehearse the strategies necessary to build individual and group improvisations. Students learn to create musical dialogues between multiple musicians/performers, shaping, layering and editing spontaneously.

Exploring the interdependence of these two components of contemporary jazz. A focus on quintessential composers who developed complementary improvisational and compositional techniques (John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman, Joanne Brackeen), along with signature ensembles and how they combine composition and group improvisation (Weather Report, Charles Mingus Band, Return To Forever, Brecker Brothers). An emphasis on techniques to develop improvisation and composition and how they reinforce each other.

By examining deviations from normal motif and progressional patterns, we will take the student through a course of experimentation to discover their unique voice. Developing melodic, harmonic and rhythmic components into a focused yet personal style by emphasizing improvisational strengths. Jazz Masters with notable individualistic improvisational skills and their identifiable elements will be studied to learn precisely what "voice" means.

A clinic for both single and ensemble performance. Working with the students existing skill level to examine proper articulation, phrasing, embellishment, notation, motif development, soloing and overall compositional structures. An emphasis on critical examination of the essential elements of any composition. Specific rehearsal techniques will be explored, with an aim to develop the instincts for an inspired and expressive musical presentation.

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A. Scales
Syllabus #1
Syllabus #2

B. Chords
Major and Minor Dominant 7th Studies #1
Major and Minor Dominant 7 #2
Major and Minor Dominant 7 #3
Major and Minor Dominant 7 #4
Dom7b5 #1
Dom7b5 #2
Dom7b5 #3
Dom7b5 #4
Dom7b5 #5
Dom7b5 #6
Dom7b5 #7

C. Progressions
ii – V – I Study #1-3

D. Motif Development
Study #1

E. Pentatonic/ Fourths
Chromatic Pentatonic
Dave Liebman Example

F. Chromatics
Chromatic Study #2
Ascending Chromatic
Altered Chromatic Study #3

+ solo transcriptions (right click to download)