"Groder is poetic and unique, with a sound all his own." — Vittorio Lo Conte, AllAboutJazz Italy

Jazz On Edge @ Timucua White House

Brian Groder, trumpet; Tonino Miano, piano. Fluidensity at the Timucua White House as part of Jazz On Edge's 13in13 Project


The classic "Simone" at Jazz On Edge 2010. Brian Groder, trumpet; Doug Mathews, bass; Per Danielsson, piano; Tamara Danielsson, sax


Jeff Hoyer: trombone, Brian Groder: trumpet, Warren Smith: percussion. Recorded at the Sound Vision Orchestra concert at Piano Magic, NYC

Free Improv Memorial for Peter Cox, Roulette, Brooklyn

Steven Koenig, Brian Groder, Jason Kao Hwang, Cooper-Moore, Christopher Meeder & Ken Filano

Brian Groder Trio: What Not

Brian Groder Trio with Michael Bisio and Jay Rosen. 4-13-14 Jazz Vespers at Fourth Universalist Society, NYC

Earth People - "Opus One"

Earth People at the Firehouse Space, Brooklyn NY

FluiDensity - "Inclination"

Brian Groder, Tonino Miano. Spontaneous improvisations, and interpretations of modern classical new-music


Brian Groder at Jazz On Edge, Orlando FL, August 23, 2008. Doug Mathews (bass), Dru Betts (drums)

Louis Andriessen's 'Workers Union' at SpectrumNYC

Alicia Rau, Kevin Schmidt, Rocco John Iacovone, Joe Fee, Ed Littman, Glenn Johnson, Jonas Tauber, Tom Shad

JMP trio - The Chooch

Claire Daly, Brian Groder and Adam Bernstein perform "The Chooch" at the Brooklyn Zen Center

Brian Groder Trio - "Snooker"

Brian Groder Trio with Michael Bisio and Jay Rosen: Jazz Vespers at Fourth Universalist Society

Karl Berger's Stone Workshop Orchestra

Karl Berger's Stone Workshop Orchestra performing an excerpt from No Man Is An Island, part 1 at The Stone, May 30 2011