" Groder is poetic and unique, with a sound all his own." — Vittorio Lo Conte, AllAboutJazz Italy
  • Brian Groder - trumpet, flugelhorn Michael Bisio - bass Jay Rosen - drums at Jazz Habitat in collaboration with House of Improv, October 20, 2019
  • Brian Groder/Shoko Nagai/Sean Conly/Newman Taylor Baker @ the bushwick improvised music series 1/8/18
    • Jazz On Edge @ Timucua White House Brian Groder, trumpet; Tonino Miano, piano. Fluidensity at the Timucua White House as part of Jazz On Edge's 13in13 Project
  • The classic "Simone" at Jazz On Edge 2010. Brian Groder, trumpet; Doug Mathews, bass; Per Danielsson, piano; Tamara Danielsson, sax
  • Jeff Hoyer: trombone, Brian Groder: trumpet, Warren Smith: percussion. Recorded at the Sound Vision Orchestra concert at Piano Magic, NYC
  • Steven Koenig, Brian Groder, Jason Kao Hwang, Cooper-Moore, Christopher Meeder & Ken Filano
  • Brian Groder Trio with Michael Bisio and Jay Rosen. 4-13-14 Jazz Vespers at Fourth Universalist Society, NYC
  • Earth People at the Firehouse Space, Brooklyn NY
  • Brian Groder, Tonino Miano. Spontaneous improvisations, and interpretations of modern classical new-music
  • Claire Daly, Brian Groder and Adam Bernstein perform "The Chooch" at the Brooklyn Zen Center
  • Brian Groder at Jazz On Edge, Orlando FL, August 23, 2008. Doug Mathews (bass), Dru Betts (drums)
  • Brian Groder, Alicia Rau, Kevin Schmidt, Rocco John Iacovone, Joe Fee, Ed Littman, Glenn Johnson, Jonas Tauber, Tom Shad
    • Karl Berger's Stone Workshop Orchestra performing an excerpt from No Man Is An Island, part 1 at The Stone, May 30 2011
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